Rosehill Cottage Progress

I got on a roll last night working on this project, but figured I had better stop and post on my progress. Here is a shot of the living room fireplace wall. I am especially happy with the built-in bookshelf, scratch-built from balsa wood. I still have yet to do the stone work, but I think you can get the idea. I am going to work from wall to wall, dry-fitting as I go. Now that my momentum is going, I am really excited about this project!


  1. can you make me a mini jude law? looks great! :)

  2. Your Rose Hill cottage is PERFECT!!! I loved that movie. Not for the story but for the cottage. I keep coming back to see what your progress is.

    I only just now checked the comments. I thought I had left you a message here I am soooo sorry! I am VERY interested to see more.


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