Adventures in balsa wood

Once again, I decided to cut apart my work and make the proportions correct. The first picture shows the stairs before surgery. Notice the little ledge between the stairs and the door under the stairs? As I was painting the stairs, I realized the proportions were too skinny, so I cut the whole thing at a seam, and added more balsa and air-drying clay to make that section look more like the set photo. Probably too picky on my part, but I just knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it.

The next task is to complete the stone wall that backs the stairs. Painting the clay to look like stone is really fun, by the way!


  1. The precision this must require is blowing my mind. Should we ever become stranded on a desert island, you are officially the makeshift surgeon. If somebody's going to perform an emergency appendectomy on me with a Bic lighter and a coconut, I want it to be someone with your meticulousness and fine motor skills.

  2. I am really appreciating your "sticklerness" on this project. Keep going! It's looking fantastic.

  3. Un trabajo fantastico, me encanta!!!!
    besitos ascension


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