Rosehill Cottage from "The Holiday"

I am finally undertaking a new project that has been rolling around in my head for quite a while. I am re-creating Kate Winslet's cottage from the movie The Holiday, in half-inch scale. The balsa wood frame is under construction right now, and will be covered in Paperclay stone work. I chatted with my friend Johanna about it tonight, and we came to the conclusion that the best thing to do is finish and furnish the interior, and seal it up just like a real house, rather than leave it open like a doll house. It will have to have lighting in order to see the interior, and I love the idea of being able to peer inside but not access the inside. Does that make sense? Like a little treasure box.

Thank you to Catherine from Kilmouski & Me for encouraging me to undertake this miniature endeavor. I will post pics of my progress as I go.


  1. I love how you use colorful pictures to make a room pop! I must admit I am afraid of using bold paint colors but with accessories you can change the color of cottages anytime you want.

  2. Have you finished? I would LOVE to see photos! Are they on the site and I am just missing them?

  3. Click on the header to view my most recent post. I've added an update. Not done yet, though...

  4. One of my favorite movie of all times! I look forward to following you creating a miniature scale of this!

  5. One of my favorites too, although I've watched it (or listened to it while I've worked) about a billion times. The cottage has maintained its charm, however, despite the overkill. I find that I fall in love with houses in movies, and they can outshine even the film itself. The Bates mansion in Psycho, Gull Cottage in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, the flat in Dial M For Murder. I want to do mini versions of all of these places.


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