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The Big Move

Hi there! Moving day is happening next week, so I am boxing, purging, donating and throwing away like a fiend this week.

After two months of renovating at my fiance's house, it is finally time to combine our lives. Poor guy will be living with his daughter, my two daughters, our corgi and two cats. Hopefully his willingness to do that speaks volumes about how he feels about me! I am very excited to have one place to come home to, to repaint and organize at will. He says it will take a year to get everything in order, but I am optimistic that if I take it one room at a time I might come in ahead of schedule.

One thing that I have been struggling with is my rather large collection of books. Between my studio and my library, I've had to cut down my collection to the essentials (meaning stuff I've not read yet or can't imagine being without). These six boxes are most of what I am keeping, but probably will end up with eight. My local Friends of the Library will be enjoying…

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