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We are all moved in to my fiance's house, although there are still boxes to unpack, many household items to incorporate, and a regular job to go to. For the most part, my studio is packed away, but that doesn't stop inspiration from happening. This is very frustrating, but obviously other things have taken priority and I haven't had the time to indulge Art Brain (as my friend Lynn Krawczyk calls it).

Anyway, on a recent trip to Ikea to get a couple of items for my daughter's room, I came across this rolling cart that I have always admired.
They no longer have it in my favorite mint green, but I thought this blue one would work to hold toiletries and the like in the second bathroom. Alas, there really wasn't the space for it that I had hoped, but (Art Brain-storm!) it's perfect as a portable art studio! I spent all Labor Day happily sculpting, with tea and a Project Runway marathon. My daughter was teasing me that I had bought it for myself all along, and I promise I didn't. But it really is perfect, and I highly recommend you get one too.


  1. I use one like this that I found at Michael's craft store. It holds all my supplies for dollhouse crafting.

    1. Isn't it a great little cart? It holds so much stuff!


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