Handwork, and head work.

I've been busy doing more projects on commission lately, and I just finished these hand knit and crocheted washcloths for a friend to give to her mom for her birthday. Each one is done in a different technique; seed stitch, basket weave, eyelet, half-double crochet and straight double crochet with border. My favorite to work on was knitting in seed stitch - there is something so satisfying about creating the even field of bumps. The worst one was the basket weave. I am not kidding when I say I had to rip it out and restart it FIVE times. Such a pain, but really a lovely pattern once it was done right.

I took some time out today and worked on a dollhouse project for a few hours. My poor dollhouses are so dusty and neglected. I just haven't been in a "dollhouse-y" frame of mind lately. Ever feel like something you are passionate about is too good for you? Or taking time for yourself is too selfish? When I allow myself to get them out and lose myself in mini making I just want to tune out everyone and everything else, and end up feeling like a bad mom, housekeeper, whatever. So it's been easier not to do it lately. I wonder if its because they are "toys", and somehow not worth the effort? I want to accomplish a finished Rosehill Cottage, I really do, and I feel guilty about taking forever on it. Anyone else out there in miniatures feel like this, ever?

I don't mean to be a bummer... Maybe I just need to interact more with other artists and get excited again. Thanks for listening!


  1. Hi Alessandra! I used to feel very guilty about spending time with my minis, but for many years I used it as an escape from troubles and then when the troubles were dealt with, I then stopped mini-making for 12 years. Now, that long pause is over and I spend whatever time that is available, to work on my ARTHUR dollhouse. With my children now grown and independent and with time on my hands, this has been a way to keep myself well occupied. I believe that GOD gives us the proper time for Everything and since I have been on line and seen how many others are actively pursuing their mini passions, I have been able to find Many KINDRED SPIRITS to share this fun with. There will always be "other things" to do because life is never one dimensional,but minis will always be one of my Very Favorite Things! :D

    p.s. I've also constructed the Glencroft doll's house kit and it is a charming cottage when done! :))

  2. Thank you, Sara!

    Elizabeth - thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I also checked out your blog and I loved what you've been working on! It gave me a real boost of inspiration. God bless!


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