I Made Stairs!!!

I am having WAY too much fun here. This project is actually coming along, and not falling to the wayside like so many of my others. I managed to build a flight of stairs that I really had doubts I could do. One of the pictures is a view through the front door, straight to the stairs. The little bathroom under the stairs won't be accessible, since that would just be TOO insane.

Apologies for everything being the color of balsa wood... I know it's difficult to see detail right now. Just imagine lots of stone and wood colors.

Also, I found a great resource for LED lights, including a kit for fireplaces, so I know how I will handle the lighting. There are actually a large number of lights in this house, and I was worried about adding heat inside a closed space, plus having a bulky transformer hanging off the house. These LED lights don't heat up, plus they can be powered by a 9 Volt battery, which I can hide inside a chimney or something. Yay!


  1. Oh my!! Those stairs look totally amazing!! WHeeeee!!! You are going like gangbusters! I am squealing with delight. Keep 'er crankin'!

  2. Thanks Jo! I'll have more pics soon. I'm waiting for you to dust off your blog with your fantastic quilt!


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