Ta Daaaa!!!!!

The Summer We Were Sisters is officially done! Yay! Working with fabric was really fun and rewarding, so I am definitely going to do more pieces like this. Johanna convinced me to do hand embroidery and I'm glad she did. I wasn't sure I could manage it in the time I had left but it went pretty quickly and added just enough texture and interest. (Gold star to me for not overdoing it this time...) I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. Ally!!! it looks so fantastic!! Look how much you accomplished in such a short period of time...
    Well done!!

  2. Wow, Ally--that's AMAZING.

  3. Gorgeous! You should most definetly continue on with art quilts, you're very good! :)

    And I agree, there is nothing more inspirational then a looming deadline! :)


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