Check out my big score!

Being a closet trash picker/dumpster diver/freegan, I am not opposed to stopping the car when I spot a decent looking piece of furniture on the side of the road. I saw this in the midst of a pile of trash in front of someone's house and just had to look. Turns out, it wasn't an end table but a 1941 Singer sewing cabinet WITH a nearly pristine machine and parts INTACT!!! As Johanna says, Jesus led me to this item... True that, as I hadn't planned to head outside at all today. This is so pretty, even if I never actually sew with it I am happy to have it.


  1. It's so GORGEOUS!!! LOVE that decorative design on the end!! It's the score of the year!! Fab!!

  2. That's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so glad you rescued it from the trash heap!

  3. I know I'm a couple of years too slow, but wow! What a wonderful find!

  4. What an AMAZING find!! I'm sure it's very happy you rescued it from the garbage heap. Congrats!


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