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New work

I wanted to give you a peek at how things have been going at the studio. It has been wonderful to be able to leave all my tools out, and have a large wall to pin up working images and pieces in progress.

This image of a tense, haunted little girl really spoke to me. She seemed to have a story to tell, so I have been working quite a bit on her.

The original photo (which is only about two inches square) doesn't have anything going on in the background, so I decided to play with something imaginative.

I feel like this is what is in her dreams, or her fantasy world that helps her cope with whatever is going on in real life. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by fairies and was able to play for hours, making habitats for fairies, so maybe she can imagine a secret garden or the like. I don't normally make up stuff like this in my work, but I decided to roll with what my inner muse was leading me to do. It's actually difficult to stop working on this when real life calls, so I kn…

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