Rosehill progress

I apologize for these low quality photos from my iPhone, but I can't find my digital camera. I've mocked up a corner of Rosehill Cottage with the rug I made, plus the blue bench and an armchair I made last night. (The Victorian sofa in the back won't stay, but I wanted to see how a sofa fit in the bay window space).

I've never made furniture from scratch, and I'm going to make another armchair as I think this one is too puffy, and the angles are wrong. Yes, I realize I am the only one who cares... The fabric is from Brodnax prints and is fairly close to the pattern on the chair in the film, but the silk is a bit shiny I think. I am very pleased with how the rug came out, but I may need to adhere it permanently to the floor if I can't get it to stop curling up - I have it pinned down at the corners here.

Anyway, huzzah for progress!

PS - I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Downton Abbey. Is anyone else as fascinated as I am?


  1. Your scene is getting amazing!

  2. I assume you left the paper on the back of the rug. In that case... Isn't there a temporary mounting spray for art prints you could use? I stick everything down with bits of Blu-Tack. I love that stuff!

    I LOVE Downton Abbey! I loved the first series and the second is just as good! I am hoping we will get to see the two hour Christmas Special that aired in the UK when this series is finished. I won't give anything away here... I read a spoiler about it and something important happens. We will need to know about that before the third season begins.

    I have given up on (new) American movies and TV. There are too many GREAT things to watch made in the UK.

  3. The rug is actually on fabric, but I did iron on some fusible interfacing to the back to try and give it more stiffness. Didn't work. I'll probably use something temporary, though.

    I would kill to see that Christmas special! I hope they air it here. My dad just sent me this article. Sounds like a fun idea...

  4. Just found your blog Alessandra. You're building one of my favourite rooms in film history ;) I have saved all the photos I could find on my computer, just to look at from time to time.
    The room looks wonderful and the carpet came out great!

  5. Thank you, Josje! I am actually building the entire house, not just the room, but it is taking me forever. My lack of architectural skills and being a mom of two daughters is keeping me from working as fast as I want to.

    Your miniature work is fantastic. I think a key to telling if minis are done right is how they photograph, and your rooms always look so real! I have to say, I do get inspiration from checking out your blog.


  6. Love, love, love the carpet. It's PERFECT. Damn, I just want to get right in that room :)

  7. Thank you! I think that's one reason I love dollhouses - being voyeuristic in a way. I appreciate your enthusiasm! Hopefully I will have more to post about soon.


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