I need to write this...

I need to step back from my normal art-related posts for a moment and vent about something that is happening as I type this. I apologize in advance if this bugs any of you, but I need to get it off my chest.

This blog is named Melmore Street Studio after the street my grandparents lived on in Tiffin, Ohio. I named is as a sort of homage because my grandfather taught me to draw in their breakfast nook and they both meant a great deal to me. I consider that I half grew up in Tiffin, and all of my best memories are from there.

My parents moved back to Tiffin, their hometown, about 15 years ago, so there is still a strong connection to the town. For the last 5 years or so, my dad has been a part of the Tiffin Historic Trust, which works to support preservation of local buildings, among other things. He has participated in a campaign to restore the historic Beaux-Arts courthouse, which was being slated for demolition. After a long fight, during which he and the Trust received much criticism from many Tiffinites who wanted to see the courthouse razed, the battle was lost. I am sure some of the blame falls on the economy, but I cannot help but feel that much of it should fall on a town that apparently does not value its heritage. Tiffin is the county seat, so a restored courthouse would have added great value to the town.

Needless to say, I am pretty discouraged right now. I am not sure I want to continue my "homage" to the place I loved as a child, as I now see its true colors. It is difficult to see this as progress, since whatever will go in the space being vacated will probably have all the charm of a Burger King. Tiffin has some wonderful people who care deeply about their town, but the prevailing winds just don't care. I may decide to rename my blog, and if I do I will certainly let you know in advance, though I will give it much thought first.

Here is a link to today's Toledo Blade article about the demolition.

Thank you very much for putting up with my thoughts on this matter. The next post will be on my Rosehill progress, I promise.


  1. I don't mind one bit that you decided to vent your feelings about loosing this wonderful building.

    It happens all over the USA in small towns who don't want to spend the money to restore buildings. Also I think they believe (since it is zoned commercial) that a new owner might build something to bring in higher taxes for the site.

    I watched as the town I loved sat idly by and tore down all the charming Victorian houses on Main St for the likes of the golden arches.

    Follow the money. It is usually the reason. Very sad!

  2. Oh my goodness! That first picture with a gaping hole in the building. How can they not see the destruction of the town's heritage as vandalism.

    No wonder you are upset. Keep your blog name for what once was, nothing can destroy your memories even though they may feel bruised right now.

  3. Thanks, Catherine and Christine, for your supportive comments. It is so difficult to feel strongly about something you have no power over. If I was wealthy I would have gladly handed over the money to fund a restoration. I grew up near Lansing, MI (the capital of the state) and the idea of demolishing a historic landmark is just appalling to me. Shame on Tiffin for allowing the building to fall into disrepair in the first place, but it illustrates the mind set of the town. I shouldn't be surprised that it went this way.

  4. I just saw a picture of the court house during its demolition. It made my stomach turn. We were there for Heritage Festival and it was so sad to see it taped off for destruction. It was such a beautiful building.

  5. If I were you, I would not change the name of my blog. It's a beautiful name. It has a special note to it. You did not name it after the townspeople, you named it because of all the beautiful memories you have which took place on that street. The memories are still there and they took place on Melmore Street. A demolished building does not change any of that.

  6. So sorry to hear. It's something they can never get back. It's so sad that things so often come down to money.

  7. Lucille, you're probably right. The memories cannot be changed by a building being demolished. I was feeling very reactionary that day, especially since I had pretty much kept it to myself in terms of venting. I am still galled though, to read an article in the Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune today about how free bricks are available to anyone who wants a "piece of the courthouse". Makes me sick. Anyway, thank you so very much for your support!

  8. Ryan, you are very right. Money shouldn't rule everything, but it does tend to. :-)


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