It was a lovely weekend.

Hahn Cottage

I had the best weekend! I went with my knitting group up to Mackinac Island and stayed at a gorgeous, historic home called Hahn Cottage, with views of Lake Huron and the Mackinac bridge. (If you've never been to the island, just watch Somewhere In Time, which was filmed there.)

 Our "cottage" was located past the Grand Hotel in a beautiful wooded setting, but in between the house and the hotel is an amazing row of mansions along the bluff. The island is also celebrating Lilac Festival, so there were a profusion of blooming bushes, as well as flowers galore that have already gone out of season down here in southeast Michigan.
Our view from the back porch.
The Grand Hotel
The hotel porch where Christopher Reeve slept in Somewhere In Time.

Another "cottage".

The poppies by the tree were extraordinary.
A charming scene along the bluff.

The getaway was exactly what I needed, and I am so grateful to the Hahn's for allowing us to have such a lovely experience.


  1. What a lovely place that is! I bet you did have a great weekend. It looks like the weather was perfect for you too.

    Oooooh lilacs!!!! I had a huge bush that smelled like heaven when I lived in Illinois. They don't grow in the south. It is just too hot. A mere 98 today, with a feels like 105 thanks to the humidity.

  2. You were in a magical place ... I think it must have been a very pleasant weekend.

  3. So beautiful! Mackinac Island is such a special place.


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