Deadlines bite.

Hi there... If you've been waiting for another post on Rosehill Cottage I wanted to tell you why it's been so long. I committed myself to making something for my alumni show at the University of Michigan School of Art + Design. Of course I waited until the last minute (it's due by Saturday) and every spare moment is going into cranking it out. Sounds pretty inspired, doesn't it?

I've done a few of these fabric collage/illustration pieces before, and they have actually sold! I find a candid vintage snapshot with a composition that I like, and re-interpret it in fabric and colored pencil. Sometimes I use embroidery as well, but I probably won't have time on this one. The yellow background will be filled in with other stuff - it was the largest piece of scrap fabric I had. I am determined to finish this without buying anything for it.

 I also wanted to share my fabulous new-to-me wooden desk that replaced
my old computer table. My neighbors are moving and had a yard sale, and this desk belonged to the husband's grandfather. It has a huge surface and really deep drawers. It also matches the old swivel chair I use. I can display all my vintage bric-a-brac really nicely now. (Be thankful I edited out the mess on the floor!)

Another new acquisition is this sweet little footwarmer named Lucy. She is 6 months old and truly is the best dog I've ever had.


  1. That desk is wonderful! It's totally in keeping with the other pieces in your studio (and home)- great score!
    Oh, and your new piece is easily as wonderful as your others, you really have a gift for capturing expression.

  2. OH WOW!!! How I would love to see your fabric piece in person. I would really love to try to do one of those. It is gorgeous and so interesting.

  3. Thanks, both of you!

    By the way, somewhere in the dark depths of this blog are images of other pieces I've done. I think it's tagged "mixed media".

  4. "Footwarmer"! How wonderful for you! It's so nice to have a little warm, furry companion. I miss my little "electric blankets." ;-)

  5. Deadlnes DO bite, but you always make it happen! Pressure makes diamonds, baby!!


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