Found a rug!

After many unsuccessful searches for a carpet design that closely resembles the one in the living room of Rosehill I finally found one! After tweaking the colors in Photoshop, this baby is ready to be printed out onto fabric. Carrie at A Lavender Dilly has a tutorial on how she's printed rugs, so I thought I would try it. Yes, I was going to make it by hand, but as I was working on it the scale just seemed too big. I'm going to use that one in my Glencroft. I think it will be fine in 1-inch scale.

Just a bit nervous about printing it on our new inkjet printer. We got a Kodak Hero 5.1 for Christmas and it has a bottom paper tray but not an opening in the back to run it through flat. My Canon had the paper positioned in the back, so it didn't have to go around a roller to print. Maybe one of you has successfully printed on fabric with this kind of printer, and could give me some tips? I've printed on silk and cotton with the Canon, and didn't have a problem as long as the fabric was adhered perfectly flat to the backing paper. I've also ironed fabric down to freezer paper and it has worked fine, but I'm wondering if the tension while it goes around the roller would pull it off.