Alex Anderson!!!!

My big thrill this last week was to attend an event with Alex Anderson, formerly of Simply Quilts on HGTV. I got to have an entire day with Johanna, fabric shopping, no kids, and met Alex on top of it all! She signed a copy of her book Neutral Essentials for me, and was just as sweet and lovely in person as I always thought she was on TV. She did a really enjoyable slide lecture on her life, how she got into quilting, her TV show, and her life now as a spokesperson for Bernina. Most importantly, she is now the co-host of an internet television program called The Quilt Show, which I would encourage you to check out. Alex's passion is encouraging beginning quilters, so if you are new to the medium this is a really helpful resource. Her husband was at the event, and was so incredibly nice and we had a fun little discussion about art quilts and mixed media. All in all it was a great day!


Check out my big score!

Being a closet trash picker/dumpster diver/freegan, I am not opposed to stopping the car when I spot a decent looking piece of furniture on the side of the road. I saw this in the midst of a pile of trash in front of someone's house and just had to look. Turns out, it wasn't an end table but a 1941 Singer sewing cabinet WITH a nearly pristine machine and parts INTACT!!! As Johanna says, Jesus led me to this item... True that, as I hadn't planned to head outside at all today. This is so pretty, even if I never actually sew with it I am happy to have it.


Ta Daaaa!!!!!

The Summer We Were Sisters is officially done! Yay! Working with fabric was really fun and rewarding, so I am definitely going to do more pieces like this. Johanna convinced me to do hand embroidery and I'm glad she did. I wasn't sure I could manage it in the time I had left but it went pretty quickly and added just enough texture and interest. (Gold star to me for not overdoing it this time...) I'd love to hear your feedback.


Pressure makes diamonds.

If you've been waiting for me to post again (yeah right....) here's what I've been up to. I managed to overwork and pretty much ruin the thing I was working on in the last post. After I sent in the entry form for the alumni show. With 3 weeks left before I have to drop off the work to the gallery. So, I decided to re-do the piece, and happily it's better than before. I am really enjoying the way I decided to work this time, and plan to do more pieces like it.

The photo I am including in this post shows the piece unfinished, but I don't have very much more to do. Yes, the ladies will have faces, but I am saving that for last. The piece is titled "The Summer We Were Sisters", and is a combination of fused fabric and paper, with hand embroidery.