Vintage Singer sewing machine

Machine ready for oiling.
 I posted this a looooong time ago, that I found a working vintage 1941 Singer model 15-90 sewing machine in someone's trash. I have a sewing project I need to do for my younger daughter, and wanted to use the machine for it, so I am finally rehabbing it - making it look pretty and getting it into working order. I found a great online resource for parts. After taking it apart, cleaning and oiling it, it works wonderfully! I was even able to find a free PDF of the original manual which was of immense help in the set up process. I also found Lizzie Lenard on YouTube who has a number of tutorials for using vintage machines, which is great for us visual learners.

This beautiful cabinet sewing machine is in the living room which will make it so easy to use for quick, simple sewing jobs. I am SO excited that something I got for free is beautiful and useable.

Testing the bobbin winder.
Perfect bobbin, despite the dried-out wheel.

Beautiful shiny metal!

Good as new.

Achieved nice thread tension after lots of adjusting.


  1. What a GREAT find! I love that machine it looks just like the one my grandmother had.

  2. My mom has one that belonged to her grandmother, but hers is portable. I love the cabinet on mine, as I can use it as furniture when not in use. My other sewing machine is a Husqvarna, which is great, but kind of a hassle to pull it out and set it up. And this one is way prettier! I am still amazed that I found this one the way I did.

  3. How marvelous! :D It was meant to be!

  4. It sure went to the right person. I am so happy you saved it.

  5. I had a brief period when I started working on it that I thought I had ruined something in the tension mechanism. After I found the PDF of the manual I was able to take the tension pieces apart and discovered I hadn't messed anything up. Such a relief!

  6. By the way, Catherine and Brae, you both have such incredible craftsmanship. I love following your blogs!

  7. I have my mother's Featherweight Singer that she bought with her savings when she was a teenager in the forties! But the one I use most often is a converted treadle version... someone added a motor at some point and removed the treadle... it still chugs along wonderfully! I remember my Mother saying you should never get rid of a Singer ... they are worth their weight in gold!
    Yours looks so well cared for now!

  8. Totaly cool! (I am about to repair an old pair of jeans, and I'm sure it would be much more exciting with such a sewing machine!) :D
    Big hugs from Sweden!

  9. Thank you for your comment, Mijbil! I love my Singer so much, I am considering selling my Husqvarna. It really is a great machine. I love your little clay figures, by the way!


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