I love my job!

I don't know how some of you bloggers out there are able to post every week. I get so caught up in my life and responsibilities that the blog just falls into the ether. One of my latest responsibilites is finished, and I am excited to show you the results! I have been hired over the last year by a couple of friends to do some home improvement projects involving mostly painting, including ragging and glazing techniques.

This bathroom involved painting, but I was also asked to do a couple of really fun projects. I added a custom mosaic frame around the large mirror, and I customised a valance for the window.

For the mirror I combined a variety of small tiles, both in glass and stone, and affixed them directly to the mirror with silicone glue. The end result created a kind of patchwork feel.

For the valance, we picked a lovely fabric of gray bird and vine silhouettes on a white background.

I applied some wonderful batiked and hand-dyed fabrics over portions of the design using Steam-A-Steam, which is a great fusible product that is re-positionable and can be cut with the fabric for a perfect edge. After all the elements were ironed down I added stitching using perle cotton, to emphazise the applique and tie the design together. I loved doing the needlework so much I actually lost track of the hours I spent! Don't you love it when that happens?


  1. WOW! You did a beautiful job on that bathroom. I love the bird fabric that is great.

    I know what you mean about losing track of time when you are enjoying working on a project. People ask me how much time something took and I never keep track. I think I am afraid to know. :-)

  2. Very tastefully done. I love the bird fabric and the tiled mirror is fabulous. No wonder you were so happy. Such fun projects.

  3. Thank you both! All I want to do is stitch right now...

  4. I really love that mirror, its so stylish and chic!

    great job

  5. Thank you! I enjoyed the finished piece but it was brutal on my hands.

  6. Gorgeous! I was so glad to be able to admire it in person!


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