Baby it's cold outside!

View out the front window. Poor chilly geraniums!

So sorry for not updating for so long, but I actually haven't had much opportunity to work in my studio lately. I did have one lovely day just before Christmas where I spent a 12-hour stretch in my studio sewing up some handmade gifts. Since then, my husband had hip replacement surgery on January 8, and has been away during his rehabilitation. I've been taking care of my girls by myself, which really leaves very little time for minis and other artistic pursuits.

Today most schools around here have been cancelled because of the deep freeze we are experiencing. I didn't discover that our charter school was closed until we got there - they were having power and water problems and sent out the notice later than usual. Oh well - a day at home with nothing to do... Maybe I will spend some time in my studio. I did start a tiny hand-stitching project out of desperation, just something I can carry around with me. I don't really have a plan for it, but my thread stash was taunting me. I am adding a bare tree on the right and seed-stitching snow over the background.

Hope it's warm where you are!


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