Vintage dress from denisebrain

You may have noticed that I've added a little badge on my sidebar from MyFitnessPal. I have needed/wanted to lose some weight for a while, and keeping a food diary is helping me to stay on track. The site is free, and makes it really easy to figure out where you stand in terms of nutrition, exercise, etc...

Now I have a more pressing need to lose extra inches. I am going to be in my brother's wedding in August, and everyone is wearing vintage. Ever try to find cool vintage clothes when you are a large? Really difficult, let me tell you. I am sure there were "stout" girls back in the day, but they must have worn their clothes to death because finding larger sizes in vintage is darn near impossible!

Anyway, I happened upon an AWESOME Etsy store that carries many larger sizes and I want to give the owner a shout-out. The store is called denisebrain and is run by the lovely and personable Maggie. She allowed me to put this beautiful pink dress on layaway, and was incredibly swift and friendly in her communications. I plan on many more shopping excursions at Maggie's store, and hope that you give it a look.

So, the dress JUST fits me, but unless I manage to lose a bit more weight I may have to resort to some sort of corset-y undergarment, which the original owner probably wore anyway. It's very Mad Men, and I have to remind myself that Joan Holloway Harris gets away with being a big girl, so why not me? I suppose it just doesn't mesh with the image I have of myself on the inside, which I need to get over.


  1. How wonderful that you found a vintage dress you love and a store to buy it from. ;-))

  2. I haven't been around much but am so glad I saw this post. You look absolutely beautiful and not large at all! The frock suits you so well - you have that definite romantic vintage look about you that many can't achieve. Have a wonderful time. :)

  3. Oh, you can do it're very close! I think you look absolutely beautiful in the dress already, but 1/2" would let you breathe more. I like Rago shapewear which I have purchased from ...and the South Beach Diet for noticeable weight loss around the middle in short order. Which reminds me, I should get back on that plan!

  4. Thank you, Catherine and Christine!

    Maggie- I appreciate the suggestion and will look at the website. I did try the dress on last night with a corset underneath and it looked great, so some form of shapewear will get me the look I want. It really is a beautiful dress!

  5. So beautiful! I love that color on you. I really need to dig up photos from our "dress up" days. You were always a beautiful Marilyn...
    BTW, I have been doing a pseudo Paleo diet. Mostly just getting rid of wheat/gluten. I have to say that my GI system has NEVER felt so good. And I've noticed less pouf around my middle.

  6. Oh my goodness, you have photos? That would be interesting to see!

    We've not been strictly paleo, but definitely more focused on food in its "from nature" form. And we've banned McD's, at least for the grown ups.

  7. Ally! you look gorgeous in this dress! but you're already gorgeous anyway. seriously.
    The thing about vintage that we need to remember is that women always wore foundation garments, which we don't do anymore. these times we're in are a lot less forgiving in that we have to actually reshape our bodies in order for clothes to look as we want them to, rather than just popping on a girdle.
    good for you on your weight loss plan! I ought to do the same!
    did I mention that you're gorgeous in this dress? :-)

  8. You're absolutely right, Jo! Foundation garment it is. Even in the 20's women wore foundation garments, after all the railing against corsets. I'll post a better picture when I've gotten one. And thank you for the compliment...


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