No more word verification - AGAIN!

Ok - I have removed word verification, and am just putting up with spam that you will never see. I get how this works now!

Hi there! I have been following along with some of you who disabled comment moderation because the word verification thing is a pain. I agree, so I disabled word verification on my blog and immediately got three spam comments in a row. Therefore, I am re-enabling word verification, despite it being a challenge and hope you will continue to post your nice comments here. I really appreciate when you have gone through the trouble to leave your remarks. Cheers!


  1. I understand. I haven't had the problem and I'm not even sure what the issues with spam are. I get it in emails and just delete the stuff. I am going to have to find out more about why it is so annoying. Now that I have said that I guess I have jinxed myself. My blog may be blasted with it tonight while I am sleeping.
    I will always visit your blog.

  2. How aggravating! I was thinking of getting rid of the two word thing but don't think I will now.

    Off to prove I'm not a robot!

    Thanks for the link on my blog too - I haven't had a chance to get back.

  3. You can set your blog to wait to publish until you approve them - they will show up on your dashboard as " comments waiting for moderation"

  4. Christine - you're welcome!

    Jennifer - That's what it was set at, and actually still is. The difference was that when I took away the word verification I immediately got three spam comments. They never showed up on the blog since they were awaiting moderation, but it kind of freaked me out that they targeted me so quickly. I don't know how spam works, but I'd rather not even see it waiting to be moderated!


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