Rosehill progress

 I killed the carpet. I attempted to re-color it to more closely match the one in the movie, and in the process I ruined it. I also realized that it was way too small for the room. From what I can see in the photos of the set, the life size rug would have been about 10x14 feet, which almost fills the room. I have searched in vain for an image off the net that I could use to re-create it, but have found nothing. So I decided to make one from scratch. The goal is to approximate the colors and visual texture of the rug in the movie. The thread is Appleton crewel wool on a linen background.

These photos are of my mock up of the first floor. It's probably hard to see in these photos, but I've drawn some measurements in the kitchen for the placement of counters and the stove and refrigerator. The living room shows the drawing I made for the rug measurements, so you can get a sense of how big it will be.

Dealing with the proportions on this project has been rather challenging. I keep finding mistakes, and find myself wondering how it escaped my notice before. It doesn't help that I am working from my best guesses based on the set photos. Now that I have the shell mocked up, I can better see if the space is working.


  1. WOW! you are determined to get it just right (and I know you will). The rug is going to be beautiful! Does it really matter so much if it isn't exactly like the one in the movie? It will be in Character so that is all that is important...right? ;-)

  2. I know, I'm kind of nuts... I really just want the flavor of the rug to be there. If you really look at the living room, the set designer used all sorts of amazing fabrics and textures, stuff you don't even really appreciate in the film. The house won't be perfect, but I think it will end up being pretty nice.

  3. Hi Ale, I'm happy to follow the progress of your work. : D

  4. Alessandra, you should join the yahoo group petitpointers. I am sure the members would love to give you help on this stitching project.

    Lisa, one of the moderators

  5. Alessandra, this project you are doing is very difficult considering you really don't have that much to go on except what they show in the movie. I think you're doing a fabulous job. I love your work and I look forward to watching this project as it unfolds. I agree with Catherine in that it does not have to be exactly like the one in the movie. Nobody will notice. I have no doubts whatsoever that the rug you come up with will be splendid! And, you know what? I can't even remember what the one in the movie looks like. But, I will be watching it during the Christmas holidays. I will most certainly be watching out for that rug.

  6. Lucille- thank you for your encouraging comments! I don't want to give the impression that I am stressing over this. It's just that I have thought about this project for a long time and want to do it well. I am certain that the outcome will be good. I actually am getting a kick out of making the rug myself, by the way!

  7. Catherine- I know it won't matter in the long run; I will be the only one who knows. If I succeed in getting the feel of the cottage, I will have done what I set out to accomplish. Thank you for your encouragement, by the way. It actually helps to hear from folks about the project - keeps me motivated!


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