A very talented miniaturist...

I had a great time at the Three Blind Mice show in Ann Arbor. The first vendor I met happened to be someone I was following on Etsy - the very talented Gigi Gretchen Walker from GigiNStudio. She makes some really cool modern minis - things you might look for in IKEA, as well as French inspired items. I bought a few of her mini paintings, but I could have gone crazy with an unlimited budget. Gigi has a great eye for detail, fabric choice, and craft. Check her shop out soon!


  1. Thxs again for the props! It was great meeting you as well!!!!

  2. I checked out her shop--thanks for the tip! :-)

  3. Sure thing, Jennifer! I checked out your blog - really cute work! I hope you have lots of Etsy sales.


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