Finishing my Fairfield

The weather has been so dark and gloomy, I haven't wanted to be stuck in my basement studio to work on my cottage. All the stuff for working on it is spread all over my studio table. So I pulled out my unfinished Fairfield and its box of components, wallpaper, etc, and took over the dining room table to try and get it finished. I was inspired to work on it by two talented miniaturists whose blogs I have been following: Jennifer at Looking Glass Miniatures, and Sharon of A Greenleaf Fairfield for Miss Lydia Pickett. It occurred to me that I haven't touched this project in TEN YEARS. Isn't that pathetic? I put it aside when I was going to have my first daughter, and she will be ten in July.

I had a Fairfield when I was in high school, back in the eighties. It was also unfinished, and I pitched it when I went to college. I have never stopped regretting that, so I was determined to hang on to this one. There is no reason not to be able to finish it, as I have everything I need; wallpaper, trim, siding... I see all of you creative bloggers pushing forward on your projects, and it encourages me to pick up the pace.

The photos are of the bathroom, which I am really happy with. It needs a bit more trim, but I love how the colors turned out. Again, I used my iPhone camera, so it isn't as sharp as it could be, but maybe you can see how the white tile with tan grout works well with the Tapioca paint on the wainscotting. The last photo is peeking through the bathroom door from the hallway, where the black walnut flooring has been lacquered and has a really soft sheen. The hallway wallpaper is a sort of soft greenish blue with a stylized vine pattern from Brodnax prints called "Tanglewood".

My next post will be of my progress on the Holiday cottage, I promise!


  1. I love the floor in the bathroom, Allie!

  2. I am happy I found your blog, love your style and all inspiring projects of yours!Hanna, Miniature-chef

  3. Thanks! I love connecting with other mini enthusiasts!


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