Writing, Day 8

I am at nearly 9000 words now, with 20 pages under my belt. Of course the thing is complete crap, at least it seems so at the moment. But since the pressure is off to write something good, I am reveling in it, be it crap or not.

My private eye, Jack Evans, is getting entangled with a dark and mysterious woman who may or may not be all she seems. Jack seems to be a bit naive with the ladies, despite his wry, slightly jaded outlook on life. We shall see if he makes it through the tangled web, or if he is trapped for good...

That bit of writing actually seems better than stuff in the novel... Oh well. The photo is from a great movie called Don't Bother To Knock, and is one of the inspirations for the novel. Check it out if you get the chance. It stars Richard Widmark, Anne Bancroft, and Marilyn Monroe just before she really hit it big.


  1. i love that movie pic. to modernize it, they'd be on laptops and IMing.
    congrats on the word count! keep it up.


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