Now what?

I'm sort of at a standstill. There isn't any indication that more graphic design work is coming along, and all job options have disappeared. I'm spending time working on a dollhouse that I've wanted to finish, but that's a hobby. What am I doing? Do I continue with mixed media, graphic design, sculpture? Do I try to sell some stuff on etsy, even though I haven't been able to sell anything there yet? Is this void a sign that I need to change direction? I have to find a focus, one that is joyful to do and possibly creates an income.

I need to fire my inner voice, that's for sure.

I took the photo at my friend Kelly's farm with my iPhone, which came out surprisingly well. Whenever I visit there I feel inspired to paint or draw; the landscape is so beautiful. Another interest that may or may not be a good idea. I've always tended to spread myself too thin.


  1. that's a great photo. i love photos of the countryside, probably b/c i grew up in the country. there are some long-horned steer by my parents house that i wish i could get a photo of, but i don't have the same eye that you or your brother have. it really is a gift.


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