New York, New York!!!

I really apologize for the excessive delay in posting... especially to Susan, who has been lovingly kicking my butt about it. Anyway, I will have pics up soon of my latest sculpture, but before I do that, I have to share some pictures of my fabulous trip to New York last month!!!

My BFF Johanna and I were graciously hosted by my friend Susan, who lives in Jersey City (soon to be living in Paris and England - that will be another trip...). We targeted some must-see areas that Jo and I have been discussing since college, and enjoyed 4 lovely days walking, eating, sightseeing, and art art art. I have too many pictures to post in one entry, but here are a few highlights.

Greenwich Village - I could totally live there!

More Greenwich Village

Washington Square arch

Fantastic jazz band playing in Washington Square

The iconic Chrysler Building

I will post more pics in my next couple of posts. I've got wonderful images of some of the beautiful architectural features and the amazing art we saw at the MOMA and the Met. This trip has kept me on an inspirational high for a month, and is the impetus behind me starting AND finishing a new sculpture. I will definitely go back for more.


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