Doing my bit...

Today, I successfully managed a trip to the local food co-op, on foot, with my toddler in a wagon. Other than my daughter deciding to open a container of yogurt in the store, we left with 3 bags (paper that we brought with us) of groceries for the next few days. So I feel good because I saved gas, I got exercise, and I shopped. I think this will easily fit in to my routine, and I was overjoyed to find out that Maddie loved to sit in the wagon. This is better than the stroller because I can bring back more groceries in the wagon.

My next task is to make some really cool shopping totes that fold up into portable sizes. I believe there is something like that in either this or that book on my shelf.


  1. Oh yes, please do make bags! I would totally buy one from you. I am the queen of carrying around bags and never taking plastic ones. Or perhaps the empress. Anyway, I love the new look of the blog -- the table! The wallpaper! And you're all in stripes!


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