It's not much, but it's progress...

I've had a lot of life-busyness happening since my last post, so I haven't had much time to knit. But I have made a bit on progress on the tam, as you can see. My only complaint about working with many colors is that picking up dropped stitches is SO much more fiddly than it would otherwise be. The "carried-along" yarn on the wrong side sometimes masquerades as the yarn you need to pull through, which gets confusing. Plus, the needle size is a 3, which puts a bit more strain on the fingers and eyes. I've dropped 2 stitches so far, and have been placing a stitch marker on the dropped stitch and fixing it when I knit back around to that spot. No big deal, and I am not really complaining about it, as I consider this project a learning experience.

Hope all your cool projects are making you happy!


  1. It looks so pretty! I really wanted to make this hat when the holiday issue first came out, but it seemed wise to start doing stranded colorwork with fewer than, what, ten colors?

    Just keep plugging away. It's turning beautifully.

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  3. There is truly no wisdom involved here, I just decided to jump in! Thanks for the comment, and the encouragement.


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