I'm Dreaming of Shoulder Bags...

This might sound really silly, but I have been dreaming/daydreaming/fantasizing about making the perfect shoulder bag. I've been reading Anna Torborg's The Crafter's Companion and it has sparked a desire to delve into my fabric stash (buried somewhere in my incomplete studio) and make something completely handmade and unique. I have loads of great fabric, vintage accessories, and gorgeous thread. My problem is, I want to fashion the "perfect" shoulder bag. It has to accommodate all my current items that float around in the beat-up bag I use now (cell phone, change purse, checkbook, wallet type thing) but I also want special pockets, hang rings, and maybe have it be big enough for the craft magazines or books I often tote around. I want a bag that is so great, I will get stopped in the street by strangers asking where I got it.

When did my fantasy life move away from sunny vacations, relaxing massages & Vin Diesel? I'm not sure. Right now I'm dreaming of shoulder bags, and maybe this is a dream I can make come true. I will let you know.


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