Turning a corner

Rosehill Cottage has gotten some updates! You can tell by the first photo that it's been a while - I had to evict the poor spider. But doesn't she look like the perfect scale for the cottage?

I finished the floor, but will probably continue to tweak the color. In good lighting it looks correct, but really gets dark when the lights are dim. Most of it will be covered up with area rugs as well, so I'm not stressing over it.

This photo shows the base I've put together for the kitchen fireplace. The back wall will have a small window on the right next to the fireplace, and a short section of wall, then a door on the left which goes into the book room in back.

Back of kitchen with fireplace.

Yes, I am going to make the library! I'm not sure yet if it will match what you see in the film or the way the exterior was built (the door leading outside is on the opposite wall from one to the other). Probably I will go with what made it into the film, but I prefer the way it looks from the outside on the exterior set. In any case I am going to have to fudge the measurements since movie sets and exteriors don't match.

Exterior of cottage - no door on this side of library addition.
Same side of library on set, as seen in film.

Here is a view of the other side, with the exterior door on the opposite side.

I am getting excited about the possibility of finishing this project! Amazing what spending some quality time in the studio does to my psyche.