Holiday cottage progress

I've been tweaking the cottage proportions again. It's amazing how much I realize I've missed in terms of measurements, and I don't know if the fact that it is half-inch scale is causing it. I've re-watched the movie for the millionth time, and found some more tiny details that would never be noticed if I didn't change them, but I would know they are there. I added another inch to the left of the fireplace, and added a half-inch between the right of the fireplace and the little window. I re-made the bookshelf under the window to be wider. Where the staircase stone wall meets the plastered wall on its left, I jogged the wall back a bit to give the stone a wider edge. Also, the white pedestal to the right of the stairs has an angled side that I hadn't noticed previously. You can see the white areas where I am patching my fixes.

At my recent trip to the Three Blind Mice miniatures show I found a Persian-style rug that does an ok job of mimicking what is in the living room, but the colors aren't perfect. Would I be nuts to paint on it to make it more similar? My other option is to print out something on fabric using my inkjet, but so far I haven't come up with an image of a similar-enough rug. Can I possibly obsess more?

These images show a couple of tiny paintings from GigiNStudio. I think this structure will really come to life with accessories, and I want to incorporate some of her paintings into the mix.