Writing, Day 15

I have passed the 15,000 word mark, and even though I am proud of myself I am behind on my word count. As I try to catch up to where I need to be, I've come to a realization about my story.

I am seeing shades of the film Out of the Past, which is a classic in the film noir genre. My story isn't a classic, and isn't exactly like the story in the film, but involves the theme of a man torn between the love of the good girl, and a sick attraction to the bad girl. A major component of noir is the protagonist's obsession with the femme fatale, who drags him down from his morality and brings him to a point of having to choose between his higher calling and his baser instincts.

Often, the protagonist is placed in physical danger from the conniving spider woman. Sometimes the protagonist ends up having to kill the dame. I'm thinking right now that Jeff Evans, my detective, is going to end up worse off at the end of the book than when he started.

I found this image of a vintage postcard of Tiffin, Ohio from early in the twentieth century. It shows The Shawhan Hotel on the right, which is the model for my hotel, The Bennett, in Sherwood, Ohio.