Issues of scale.

Rosehill Cottage is acquiring a small collection of furniture, including these two chairs. The one on the left is a Bespaq wing chair that I found on ebay. I removed its upholstery and wings, cut it down, and re-upholstered it in a silk from Brodnax Prints. The one on the right is a Cassidy Creations wing chair kit. I did a similar cut-down job and used a white cotton to approximate the look of a modern linen slipcovered armchair. These two armchairs will sit in the living room, across from a sofa. The photo below is one I worked from to try and replicate the furniture.

After finishing the chairs and seeing them next to each other, I was struck by how much bigger the Bespaq looked. I was just motoring along, assuming that since they were both in 1/2" scale they would be the same size. This threw into question the whole project for me, as scale has been a tricky beast to tame. In past posts I have shared how I have cut apart walls and added to them, and am working off of photos to guess measurements. This project is supposed to be a fun hobby, just for me to enjoy, but the issues of scale have been a continual source of doubt. I have to admit, I want this thing to be perfect, and I am positive that my tendency to worry about that perfection has paralyzed me into not working on it at all. I almost considered starting over! That would be crazy, right?

So anyway, the Bespaq chair will just be one of those slightly overstuffed pieces of furniture that a comfy and eclectic cottage has to have. I am positive that my tiny tenant will just love curling up in it with a book and a cup of cocoa.

PS - I found a mini wicker furniture maker who is going to replicate the adorable round table from the kitchen! More to come in a future post.