Handwork, and head work.

I've been busy doing more projects on commission lately, and I just finished these hand knit and crocheted washcloths for a friend to give to her mom for her birthday. Each one is done in a different technique; seed stitch, basket weave, eyelet, half-double crochet and straight double crochet with border. My favorite to work on was knitting in seed stitch - there is something so satisfying about creating the even field of bumps. The worst one was the basket weave. I am not kidding when I say I had to rip it out and restart it FIVE times. Such a pain, but really a lovely pattern once it was done right.

I took some time out today and worked on a dollhouse project for a few hours. My poor dollhouses are so dusty and neglected. I just haven't been in a "dollhouse-y" frame of mind lately. Ever feel like something you are passionate about is too good for you? Or taking time for yourself is too selfish? When I allow myself to get them out and lose myself in mini making I just want to tune out everyone and everything else, and end up feeling like a bad mom, housekeeper, whatever. So it's been easier not to do it lately. I wonder if its because they are "toys", and somehow not worth the effort? I want to accomplish a finished Rosehill Cottage, I really do, and I feel guilty about taking forever on it. Anyone else out there in miniatures feel like this, ever?

I don't mean to be a bummer... Maybe I just need to interact more with other artists and get excited again. Thanks for listening!