Look at what's happening!

Ignore the dust...

It's been forever and a day, but Rosehill Cottage is back on the work table! (I am laughing at myself - my last post on this was last Thanksgiving!) I am finishing the wall structure in the kitchen and realigning the windows in the front of the house. I will be making an upper cabinet between the two kitchen windows out of mat board and painting it like the lower cabinets, and also need to texturize and paint the kitchen walls. I am going to scratch-build the refrigerator and tiny stove but haven't figured out what I will be using for those yet.

Another angle of the kitchen.

A big head scratcher for me has been the lighting. I want to fully enclose the house, so everything is viewed by peering through the windows, which means the lighting needs to be LED since they are not hot. From viewing The Holiday a billion times and studying stills of the set, the set designer used a lot of small lamps throughout the set. For example, the kitchen has two table lamps, a four-light chandelier, and a fireplace which would be a three LED fixture. I found this website, Model Train, which has everything you would ever want to know about LEDs, and has a great looking flickering fireplace kit. Apparently you can run 50 LED lights with a 9 volt battery, so I won't need to plug this thing into a wall. I need to write out a plan for where all the drill holes need to go, where to run the wires and hide the battery.

View through the front window.

My plan has always been to finish the downstairs then layer on the upstairs. The exterior will be completed after all the wiring is finalized. I am probably not doing this at all the way I "should" be, but I am just happy to be working on it again. 


Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it! This year I will be cooking a turkey for the first time ever. We usually go to relatives for the holiday so in the 18 years I have been married I have not had to deal with making Thanksgiving dinner, but this year circumstances changed and we are home tomorrow. I bought a 12 pound turkey, which I think will be manageable, and I am going to make the stuffing in the bird. Adventure! Today I am going to make the pumpkin pie, and prepare the green bean casserole so its ready to pop in the oven tomorrow. I will let you know how it all turns out.