Holiday cottage progress

I've been tweaking the cottage proportions again. It's amazing how much I realize I've missed in terms of measurements, and I don't know if the fact that it is half-inch scale is causing it. I've re-watched the movie for the millionth time, and found some more tiny details that would never be noticed if I didn't change them, but I would know they are there. I added another inch to the left of the fireplace, and added a half-inch between the right of the fireplace and the little window. I re-made the bookshelf under the window to be wider. Where the staircase stone wall meets the plastered wall on its left, I jogged the wall back a bit to give the stone a wider edge. Also, the white pedestal to the right of the stairs has an angled side that I hadn't noticed previously. You can see the white areas where I am patching my fixes.

At my recent trip to the Three Blind Mice miniatures show I found a Persian-style rug that does an ok job of mimicking what is in the living room, but the colors aren't perfect. Would I be nuts to paint on it to make it more similar? My other option is to print out something on fabric using my inkjet, but so far I haven't come up with an image of a similar-enough rug. Can I possibly obsess more?

These images show a couple of tiny paintings from GigiNStudio. I think this structure will really come to life with accessories, and I want to incorporate some of her paintings into the mix.


A very talented miniaturist...

I had a great time at the Three Blind Mice show in Ann Arbor. The first vendor I met happened to be someone I was following on Etsy - the very talented Gigi Gretchen Walker from GigiNStudio. She makes some really cool modern minis - things you might look for in IKEA, as well as French inspired items. I bought a few of her mini paintings, but I could have gone crazy with an unlimited budget. Gigi has a great eye for detail, fabric choice, and craft. Check her shop out soon!


Three Blind Mice miniatures show in Ann Arbor

Friday and Saturday is the Three Blind Mice miniatures show in Ann Arbor. I plan to go, but have only heard of one vendor - Greenhouse Miniatures. Have you ever heard of any of the other vendors? I am going to go treasure hunting, but I'm not sure what I will find. I am hoping to find some half-scale stuff, particularly lighting for the cottage.

Here's a few of the attending vendor's websites:

Suphattra's Clay Flowers
Green Gables Dollhouses
Goliath Miniatures
Creative Reproductions 2 Scale