Well, I decided to dive in to the Etsy experience recently. I have a few doll/sculpture items posted at the moment, and plan to add more vintage stuff and some of the brooches I've made from old buttons and buckles. I have no idea if I am pricing correctly. The boudoir dolls were very time-consuming, so I don't want to undervalue them, but still... I want them to sell. Do you think they are too pricey?


New artwork update

Yes, I am still here, just haven't had lots of time to work lately.

Johanna suggested the striped fabric on the dark-haired boy's shirt was too bold, so I swapped it out for a more subtle design. I am pretty happy with how the faces are turning out. They aren't exactly like the photo, but they still look life-like to me. These kids definitely have some personality!

So now I am moving on to the background. This should be a challenge, as the trees, etc are kind of blurred. I need to attempt to achieve a sense of distance and depth, which will be difficult using fabric. But still, I am not as worried about those issues as I was about the faces.

Any thoughts?