Alumni show

Just wanted to share about how the opening reception for the U of M School of Art and Design alumni show went tonight. My piece sold, and I got a People's Choice Award! I am so excited, as this is the first show I have ever sold anything at. I got lots of nice comments from folks about how much they liked the piece, and was complimented by the dean.

Now, on to the next one.


Spin me!!!

I never did say how the spinner's guild meeting went. Well, I ended up buying an Ashford Kiwi on my second visit, and started spinning! Once you get the hang of it it is SO MUCH FUN! I need to take some pictures of the yarn I've made, but for now here's a picture of the wheel I bought. It's a good wheel for beginners, with a double treadle for easy starting. This is a truly relaxing and mediative craft, but only when you get past the "I really suck at this" part. It doesn't take too long if you have a good teacher, and the Spinner's Flock is full of those.


My friend, the amazing painter!

I wanted to give a nod to a great friend of mine from college, Kit Gentry. He was visiting his family in Michigan so he stopped over for a visit recently, and we had a fun time catching up. Kit lives in Hawaii, and has been an amazing artist ever since we met freshman year at the U of M School of Art. I want you to check out his website, and see how incredible a painter he is.

He didn't know I was mentioning him here, so I don't want to post one of his paintings without his permission. The image is a quick sketch he did of me in class, in about 1988.

Doing my bit...

Today, I successfully managed a trip to the local food co-op, on foot, with my toddler in a wagon. Other than my daughter deciding to open a container of yogurt in the store, we left with 3 bags (paper that we brought with us) of groceries for the next few days. So I feel good because I saved gas, I got exercise, and I shopped. I think this will easily fit in to my routine, and I was overjoyed to find out that Maddie loved to sit in the wagon. This is better than the stroller because I can bring back more groceries in the wagon.

My next task is to make some really cool shopping totes that fold up into portable sizes. I believe there is something like that in either this or that book on my shelf.