The Best Revenge...

OK, after the last post I had to show off something I've been working on. This is a collage that, although still in progress, is making me happy. I am calling it "The Best Revenge is Love", after the saying on the vintage calendar page. I really enjoy collage, as it gives pretty immediate gratification and incorporates the ephemera I love.

Excuses excuses...

Well, it's an example of the best laid plans of mice and men. By now, I planned to have many posts up of my various projects, but life intervened in the form of emergency surgery. In November I ended up in the hospital with a very infected gall bladder, which had to be removed the non-laproscopic way. The aftermath left me unable to lift more than 10 pounds (which included my toddler) and on narcotics. Definitely not well-suited to creativity, or the planned organization of my neglected studio. This space has been sitting in it's current state for over a year, since Maddie was born. Her room used to be my studio, and I just haven't been able to get it together since we moved my stuff.

So now we are in the post-Christmas lull, with Mirren on vacation from school for another week and a half. I am mostly recovered, and can shove boxes around a bit, so hopefully I can make a dent in the mess. I've posted some (embarrassing) "before" pictures of my studio, in the hopes that you will take pity on me. I will post the "after" pictures soon... very soon.