Latest WIP

I promised more pictures, so here they are. I am going to do the background before the faces, and more shading in general.

Also, I need to come up with a good title, so any suggestions?

The photo has "Summer, 1941" penciled on the back, so I could go with that, but kind of boring... Whaddya think?


New artwork in progress.

I am well into a new fabric collage right now, and wanted to share. It's based on a photo of three kids eating popsicles from the summer of 1941. The faces were too great to resist, and it just evokes childhood to me. I will update my progress as I go.


Goodbye, good friend.

Well, today has been a sad day at our house. Seger, our twelve year old Kuvasz, had to be euthanized this morning. He was in serious pain from a spine problem, and even though we gave the pain meds and anti-inflammatories a decent chance to work he was going downhill. I took these pictures last night to help us say goodbye. He was a great dog and a great friend, and we will miss him terribly.

Many thanks to Lynn Brady and Connie Townsend of Szumeria Kuvasz for giving us the opportunity to enjoy eleven years with our boy. (If you go to the above link, choose "Our Puppies" then "Szumeria's Puppies", scroll down and you can see a baby picture of Seger. His show name is "Szumeria's Mr. Rock N' Roll")