Preview of coming attractions...

I promised to post a couple of images of the mixed media piece I am working on, and here they are. These are details only - I will post the whole thing when I am finished.


I Got Me Some Creativity!

I don't have a pic to post yet, but I have a new work in progress! Yay! I am gearing up for my next alumni art show entry with a mixed media piece. I don't want to give TMI about it, as it may dilute my enthusiasm, but I was inspired by this great book. Suffice it to say it involves fabric applique, couching with embroidery thread, paper, ephemera, and more!

Also, I am really excited about my upcoming visit to the Spinner's Flock to try my hand at spinning my own yarn. I have been really into knitting lately and my husband told me he thought spinning seemed like it would really suit me. Although Bryan is very encouraging of my artistic pursuits, he rarely gives me that much direct advice so I figured I would take it seriously.