Sofa for Rosehill Cottage

Hi there! Long time, no see. (Just noticed the first post for this project was almost exactly 6 years ago!)

I've been searching high and low for a 1:24 scale sofa for the living room of Rosehill Cottage. This piece of furniture is important, because it's in the center of the scene of The Holiday where Cameron Diaz and Jude Law's characters meet for the first time. It's a very specific style of antique sofa, with caning and soft lines. I finally found a kit on Etsy made by Red Cottage Miniatures of Australia that seemed similar enough that I could bash it into something comparable. (I also bought three other kits from them for Rosehill Cottage, and just love them. I was instantly communicated with, plus the shipping from Australia was super fast. I cannot recommend the store enough!)

The kit came together really fast. It's laser cut, and all the pieces popped apart cleanly and didn't need a lot of sanding. After glueing everything together I cut down the back to be closer to the height of the movie sofa. I added fabric made from antique linen that I hand-drew the stripes on. I probably should have bought scale striped fabric, but to be honest once I got the kit together and could tell it would work I was too excited to stop.

The finishing touch was something to mimic caning on the sides and back. For this I used some needlepoint fabric I had in my stash. I cannot remember the count of the fabric, but it's pretty small. You get a sense of the texture which was what I was going for. Overall, it's not an exact replica, but as close as I could find.

This project stalled for a while for personal reasons, but I am excited to have gotten back to it. I hope to have a few more updates soon.