The Best Revenge...

OK, after the last post I had to show off something I've been working on. This is a collage that, although still in progress, is making me happy. I am calling it "The Best Revenge is Love", after the saying on the vintage calendar page. I really enjoy collage, as it gives pretty immediate gratification and incorporates the ephemera I love.

Excuses excuses...

Well, it's an example of the best laid plans of mice and men. By now, I planned to have many posts up of my various projects, but life intervened in the form of emergency surgery. In November I ended up in the hospital with a very infected gall bladder, which had to be removed the non-laproscopic way. The aftermath left me unable to lift more than 10 pounds (which included my toddler) and on narcotics. Definitely not well-suited to creativity, or the planned organization of my neglected studio. This space has been sitting in it's current state for over a year, since Maddie was born. Her room used to be my studio, and I just haven't been able to get it together since we moved my stuff.

So now we are in the post-Christmas lull, with Mirren on vacation from school for another week and a half. I am mostly recovered, and can shove boxes around a bit, so hopefully I can make a dent in the mess. I've posted some (embarrassing) "before" pictures of my studio, in the hopes that you will take pity on me. I will post the "after" pictures soon... very soon.


Johanna's Quilt

I am really proud of my friend Johanna. She is an amazing quilt artist with a masterful sense of color. The image is of her vertical quilt entitled "Mineral Study" that she entered into our alumni show at U of M. Gold star, Jo!


I'm Dreaming of Shoulder Bags...

This might sound really silly, but I have been dreaming/daydreaming/fantasizing about making the perfect shoulder bag. I've been reading Anna Torborg's The Crafter's Companion and it has sparked a desire to delve into my fabric stash (buried somewhere in my incomplete studio) and make something completely handmade and unique. I have loads of great fabric, vintage accessories, and gorgeous thread. My problem is, I want to fashion the "perfect" shoulder bag. It has to accommodate all my current items that float around in the beat-up bag I use now (cell phone, change purse, checkbook, wallet type thing) but I also want special pockets, hang rings, and maybe have it be big enough for the craft magazines or books I often tote around. I want a bag that is so great, I will get stopped in the street by strangers asking where I got it.

When did my fantasy life move away from sunny vacations, relaxing massages & Vin Diesel? I'm not sure. Right now I'm dreaming of shoulder bags, and maybe this is a dream I can make come true. I will let you know.


My Latest Sculpture...

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the alumni art show for the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. I managed (despite the baby) to crank out this sculpture titled "Superior", which is a symbolic representation of Lake Superior in female form. I'll get some better pics taken to post later, but this is what I've got at the moment. Under her skirt are images of ships being tossed in a storm, which you can't see here, and her upper torso is covered with a Lake Superior nautical map collage.

There is a lighthouse bed and breakfast that we love to visit, up along the Lake Superior shoreline in the Upper Peninsula. We have stayed there during all times of the year, and I have been fascinated by the wild, elemental nature of the lake. According to those who have traveled the lake, it might as well be the ocean for as big as it is. I tried to capture those qualities in this sculpture.


Handmade Boudoir Dolls

Here are some pictures of handmade dolls I made a while back. They were inspired by the boudoir dolls of the 1920's, but are smaller, about 12". I made parlour maids, flower fairies and flappers. I enjoy the simplicity of the body pattern, as it lends itself to the different characters and clothing styles. These were fun to make but surprisingly time consuming. I was able to streamline my process of cutting, sewing and stuffing the bodies, but customizing took forever - the embroidered hair of one orange haired flapper took almost 2 hours to apply!

Welcome to my Blog!

I am starting this blog because I want to join the community of crafters and artists who have inspired me and kept me company. I am a mom of two girls, 6 years and 10 months, and while I love them dearly the "mom world" can be isolating. Perhaps with the audience of the blogosphere I can commit myself to creating and sharing on a regular basis. I also want to examine the concept of frugality and life simplification, as so many of the wonderful artists I have admired have written about. I have taken many of your ideas and applied them to my situation. I really look forward to getting to know you better!